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About StreamGear

StreamGear, Inc is hyper-focused on developing tools that make it easy for users to create high-quality video. Our mission is to create innovative solutions that are intuitive enough for those with little technical expertise. Yet provide the depth of features and workflow that meet the demands of the advanced professional user. This goal will disrupt the industry mindset with automation workflows that simplify complex tasks required to produce awesome video.

The company’s leadership team has more than five decades of combined experience in the video production, digital media, and live streaming markets. StreamGear’s first product, the VidiMo system, turns a smartphone and video source into a full-fledged, virtual video production and transmission facility, making it easier than ever for professionals and enthusiasts to create and share engaging live video content. We will continue to innovate with this mission in mind, with a focus to bring new features, tools and solutions to the StreamGear family of products.