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About VidiMo

VidiMo™ makes you the Video director on Mobile. Together, the VidiMo Go hardware and VidiMo App turn your smartphone into a full-fledged, virtual video production and transmission facility. The easiest way to create and share engaging live video content, the VidiMo system enables a single person with a cell phone and a video camera to produce multi-source, television-style shows that can be streamed live, recorded or both.

The VidiMo system enables anyone to become a YouTube™ star or citizen journalist. In its simplest use, VidiMo lets you capture an external HDMI video source into your iOS or Android smartphone and stream it. But the VidiMo App is also packed with a broad range of advanced features to help you produce a high-quality, professional show. And its intuitive interface is so fast and easy to operate, you can create a visually-compelling live show in real time without needing to edit and upload it later.

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The Hardware: VidiMo Go

The Hardware: VidiMo Go

While smartphone camera quality has improved, it’s still no match for the rich creative functionality – such as optical zoom, tactile focus, iris control and depth of field – of a dedicated video or DSLR camera. VidiMo lets you have the best of both worlds, bringing an HDMI video source into your smartphone and combining it with your phone’s camera and other sources. VidiMo Go’s innovative physical design forms a complete handheld production solution, acting as both an HDMI capture device and camera mounting system to position the phone for easy, touchscreen user control and program monitoring.

  • Capture live HDMI signals and analog audio into your iOS or Android smart phone
  • Two mounting configurations for professional and action/sports cameras
  • Innovative design securely attaches any size smartphone as a touch control surface
  • Interchangeable, rechargeable battery
  • Two-button, wired remote control triggers user-configured app functions

The Software: VidiMo App

The Hardware: VidiMo App

The VidiMo App provides a complete live production toolkit on your smartphone, letting you be the director, operator and on-screen talent all at once. Each show consists of six fully-configurable scene layouts that mix live video and audio sources with graphics, text and playback of recorded clips. When it’s time to go live, you can record your show on your smartphone as it happens, and stream live to social media (with presets for YouTube™ Live, Facebook™ Live and Twitch™) or your own private server.

  • Switch quickly between six fully-customizable, multi-source scene layouts
  • Scenes can include any combination of sources
    • HDMI Video In
    • Smartphone camera (front or rear)
    • Text (overlay, scrolls, crawls)
    • Video or audio clips
    • Images (PNG, JPG, GIF)
  • Scenes have their own dedicated audio mixer with levels/mute controls for each source
    • HDMI Audio In
    • 3.5mm Analog Audio In (Mic/Line selectable)
    • Smartphone: Media Playback, Built-in Mic
    • Output: Stream/Record level, Smartphone Speaker/Headphones
  • Scene-independent lower-third graphics, logos and real-time on-screen drawing
  • Save and recall customized Shows
  • Stream live to social media networks, CDNs or your own streaming server
  • Record the program mix to your smartphone
  • Effects including chroma key and other advanced features

Use Cases

Some example use cases will make it easier to understand VidiMo’s rich feature set, flexibility and ease of use. While VidiMo is perfect for a huge range of video production applications, below are two sample scenarios that take advantage of VidiMo’s benefits and highlight its broad set of features.

VidiMo Brochure

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